Monday, 27 February 2012



Hello boys and girlie's I'm actually doing a proper blog, I know shocking! Hold on to your seat belts your in for a bumpy ride.

 I just wanna say a massive thank you to TCT ( Teenage Cancer Trust) for holding an awesome conference and for letting me attend! I had an A-M-A-ZING time and I wanna shout out to all my "cancer friends" and a BIG shout out to TEAM MARSDEN! Oh and thank you Centres Parks for putting up with us! So for anyone that went to FYSOT and is reading this I think your AWESOME! Oh oh and one more thank you to Kim, Louise and Sarah for making sure I got there and just making the trip extra awesome.

I went to a few of the conferences and I gotta say I've never been so inspired to make BIG things happen. Not only were the talks inspiring but just the people that surrounded me are all really awesome, it was very over whelming but in a great way. Just one of the stories  that springs to mind is about the first cancer survivor to climb Mt Everest not only that but he has only one lung which is just crazy. I have so much respect for him and was lucky enough to meet him and shake his hand. I geeked out a little and I don't think being drunk helped much either, I don't think I showed myself up to much. But did ask if I could steal one of his wrist bands which says "keep climbing" and now a new accessory of mine.

I've got way over an hour of footage to rummage through and a few photos to mash up a video with so I'm super excited to show you all the goings on at the FYSOT! Also if you want to see footage of the conference then check out the website It's a great website and it features video blogging of people with cancer and other bits and bobs. I'm also in one of the videos and only feature for like 5 seconds but hey that's all the fame I'm gonna get for the time being. 

It was just an amazing experience that I will never forget, such a great place, great people and great atmosphere! Hopefully they will let me back next year, if not I'm inviting myself! 

Let's keep kicking cancers arse!




  1. TEAM MARSDEN Know how to PARTY #fact "Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner"

  2. Haha! 5 Bananas for a pound! :P x