Saturday, 3 March 2012

February Highlights

Hello boys and girls, so I was suppose to submit this post like 3 days ago but due to lack of focus and being easily distracted it never got done. Like the million other blog's posts waiting in line. Apparently its a side effect from chemo but to be honest I've always left things to the last minute and it always ends up biting me in the butt, why do I never learn? So not only is this a bad habit of mine, its enhanced by the drugs I'm on, just great. Gosh, what am I going to be like when I back to my job and actually have responsibilities?

Anyways folks, I just want to update you on my awesome February, Its been good one and I've experienced some amazing times and I've had the chance to meet some amazing people. Great experiences that I will use all through out my life! I want to thank everyone that has inspired and taught me so much this month, truly honoured to meet you all!

Here's a few of the high lights.

- An amazing weekend with my best friend Zabrina.


- Losing another 4lb = 1 stone

- Meeting the most inspiring people ever!

- Going to "Find Your Sense Of Tumour" [INSPIRED]

- Meeting Sean Swarner [First Cancer Survivor to Climb Mt. Everest] [Major Geek Out]

- Helping Clic Sargent Interviews


- The Wolfpack


- Taking on the bike track [MEGA FAIL]

- Chilling with my gay.

- Eating Squid.

- Jamming the Wissness

- Getting a Retweet from Olinseloss

- & Winning FYF

I'm outta here suckas! 
x x x

Monday, 27 February 2012



Hello boys and girlie's I'm actually doing a proper blog, I know shocking! Hold on to your seat belts your in for a bumpy ride.

 I just wanna say a massive thank you to TCT ( Teenage Cancer Trust) for holding an awesome conference and for letting me attend! I had an A-M-A-ZING time and I wanna shout out to all my "cancer friends" and a BIG shout out to TEAM MARSDEN! Oh and thank you Centres Parks for putting up with us! So for anyone that went to FYSOT and is reading this I think your AWESOME! Oh oh and one more thank you to Kim, Louise and Sarah for making sure I got there and just making the trip extra awesome.

I went to a few of the conferences and I gotta say I've never been so inspired to make BIG things happen. Not only were the talks inspiring but just the people that surrounded me are all really awesome, it was very over whelming but in a great way. Just one of the stories  that springs to mind is about the first cancer survivor to climb Mt Everest not only that but he has only one lung which is just crazy. I have so much respect for him and was lucky enough to meet him and shake his hand. I geeked out a little and I don't think being drunk helped much either, I don't think I showed myself up to much. But did ask if I could steal one of his wrist bands which says "keep climbing" and now a new accessory of mine.

I've got way over an hour of footage to rummage through and a few photos to mash up a video with so I'm super excited to show you all the goings on at the FYSOT! Also if you want to see footage of the conference then check out the website It's a great website and it features video blogging of people with cancer and other bits and bobs. I'm also in one of the videos and only feature for like 5 seconds but hey that's all the fame I'm gonna get for the time being. 

It was just an amazing experience that I will never forget, such a great place, great people and great atmosphere! Hopefully they will let me back next year, if not I'm inviting myself! 

Let's keep kicking cancers arse!



Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Intoxicated Snowball Fight!



Hello, hello, hello, well I'm back and with a brand new attitude. I think thats a song that just entered my brain while typing so I'm rolling with it. These two video blogs are of my weekend with Zaz and It was awesome! I don't get to see her very much so when we meet up its a big mass of hyper and sillyness. I took her to visit Windsor Castle and we just mooched round Windsor. Gotta say one of the best weekends I have had in a very long time. 

The second video is of a snowball fight slash antics we had in the snow after a few drinks at the tavern, I still have the bruises from the fails in the snow but totally worth it! I hope you guys all enjoyed the snow as much as we did! 

I'm nearly up to date on the videos then I might actually produce a decent blog, but don't count on it! 

Olinseloss - WEEK FOUR & FIVE - FYF

Olinseloss - WEEK FOUR - FYF

Olinseloss - WEEK FIVE - FYF

So hey folks! I'm gonna apologise again for the slacking in blogging and not even updating, but I'm doing it now so don't go on about it. These are my latest weight loss videos which aren't all that interesting but for those who care, check it out! The main reason I'm posting these are because I actually won the Olinseloss challenge this week, which I'm so pleased about. ( I'll link and post the video below this, for those who wanna see the shout out.) I was mega shocked on the loss this week as it was 3lb and after the week I had of lack of fitness and not exactly the best diet but thats how your body works at times. Just hope it stays off, which all together makes over a stone, so I'm really chuffed at the moment!

I'm going to update properly real soon, I've been up in the clouds and not really with it the past few weeks so trying to put that into words hasn't been easy. But I'll be back on track soon enough, love you guys! :) xxx

Olinseloss - FYF - Home Gym

My shout out! Little bit nerding out <3

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Olinseloss - WEEK TWO & THREE - FYF



Howdy guys and gals! Just getting up to date with the video blogs, I'm way behind! These are my video responses to a Vlogger who's doing weight loss videos and the internet community come together and try and lose weight. 

I'm doing well with my diet I only cheated Saturday night which was having a few drinks with friends so I think I can be let off on that one. Other then that I haven't really ate over my calorie in take in the past three weeks, I'm shocked I'm not craving for chocolate and junk food a lot more. I'm not to sure on what my weight will be next Friday, but I'm just hoping I haven't gained. I haven't exercised this week due to the weather and my counts dropping so I'm taking it easy this week and will see what happens on Friday.

Getting healthy this 2012!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Hey geezers! Just realised I've been slacking on the video blog updates on here and need to update! So this video is of my first attempt at learning to skate, I've never skated before as you can probley tell by this video. It's always been something I've wanted to be good at so I invested in some skates and thought why not? 

I've had a few more attempts since this video and I can honestly say, I haven't got any better. I'll keep you guys updated with my progress and I'll make some more videos. A friend of mine has also invested in some skates which I hope means she can teach me or at least give me some advice or tips. Hope you guys enjoy the video, as yes I am really that bad at skating.

Oh.. kids don't try this at home, do it in a busy road.. I JOKE I JOKE!
x x x 

Tuesday, 31 January 2012


So January, what happened? You didn't quite provide me with the epic month I was raving about. I was going for epic positivity to make this year a great one and ever since then its been going down hill slowly! It just seems that January hasn't been the kindest of months and maybe we should just bypass the rest of the year and go straight to 2013. Though saying this, I'm not willing to give up on you just yet 2012! Whats happened around me the last 31 days just encourages me to live life to the full and make everyday an awesome experience!

- Dancing in till 3am in the pub to old disco tunes. [SOBER]
- Creating some great videos on YouTube.
- Changing my bad habits and getting healthy
- Meeting up with Lewis and catching up and chatting about old times!
- Alan coming over and giving me Alan.
- Ellen MacArthur Trust Re-tweeting my video. [PROUD]
- Going on some awesome bike rides.
- Bingo with Nan and winning £20!
- Bowling with the guys from work and not being last. >.<
- 2 seconds of SNOW!
- Losing over 8 pounds.
- Investing in a pair of Aggressive skates. [NOOB]
- Seeing Wicked [IT WAS WICKED!]

Hey February! You better not try any funny business I had enough of your mate JAN! The bitch..

So what does February have in store for Katie Seedwell? Well my little munchkins I might just tell you. It's all starting with a bang! Zaz is coming on Friday to spend the weekend which will be a right little giggle and some much needed best mate time. I've also been asked to interview some people for a Team Leader position for Clic Sargent. I'm pretty nervous as I have no clue what I'm doing but I will give it 110%. Also I have "Find Your Sense Of Tumour" which I have mentioned in the past but its a Trip/Conference thing for people with Cancer. I also have a little project with the Ellen MacArthur trust and editing some of their 18-24 summer footage for them into a video. I'm going to blog/video blog these things nearer the time and give you guys some more detail, wether you like it or not.

So I'm excited for February and its going to be a blast! I'm staying positive that 2012 is still going to be awesome! I hope you guys have had an awesome start to the year and that the next eleven months are just as awesome! 

Keep smiling peoples! 
 x x x