Saturday, 3 March 2012

February Highlights

Hello boys and girls, so I was suppose to submit this post like 3 days ago but due to lack of focus and being easily distracted it never got done. Like the million other blog's posts waiting in line. Apparently its a side effect from chemo but to be honest I've always left things to the last minute and it always ends up biting me in the butt, why do I never learn? So not only is this a bad habit of mine, its enhanced by the drugs I'm on, just great. Gosh, what am I going to be like when I back to my job and actually have responsibilities?

Anyways folks, I just want to update you on my awesome February, Its been good one and I've experienced some amazing times and I've had the chance to meet some amazing people. Great experiences that I will use all through out my life! I want to thank everyone that has inspired and taught me so much this month, truly honoured to meet you all!

Here's a few of the high lights.

- An amazing weekend with my best friend Zabrina.


- Losing another 4lb = 1 stone

- Meeting the most inspiring people ever!

- Going to "Find Your Sense Of Tumour" [INSPIRED]

- Meeting Sean Swarner [First Cancer Survivor to Climb Mt. Everest] [Major Geek Out]

- Helping Clic Sargent Interviews


- The Wolfpack


- Taking on the bike track [MEGA FAIL]

- Chilling with my gay.

- Eating Squid.

- Jamming the Wissness

- Getting a Retweet from Olinseloss

- & Winning FYF

I'm outta here suckas! 
x x x

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