Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Olinseloss - WEEK FOUR & FIVE - FYF

Olinseloss - WEEK FOUR - FYF

Olinseloss - WEEK FIVE - FYF

So hey folks! I'm gonna apologise again for the slacking in blogging and not even updating, but I'm doing it now so don't go on about it. These are my latest weight loss videos which aren't all that interesting but for those who care, check it out! The main reason I'm posting these are because I actually won the Olinseloss challenge this week, which I'm so pleased about. ( I'll link and post the video below this, for those who wanna see the shout out.) I was mega shocked on the loss this week as it was 3lb and after the week I had of lack of fitness and not exactly the best diet but thats how your body works at times. Just hope it stays off, which all together makes over a stone, so I'm really chuffed at the moment!

I'm going to update properly real soon, I've been up in the clouds and not really with it the past few weeks so trying to put that into words hasn't been easy. But I'll be back on track soon enough, love you guys! :) xxx

Olinseloss - FYF - Home Gym

My shout out! Little bit nerding out <3

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